Friday, October 19, 2007


This quest was particularly intriguing to me. In reading the various Discovery Resources, I found that the City of Rochester in New York has its own very comprehensive wiki named ROCWIKI. My husband has family on his mother's side in Rochester. I looked at the family history link and discovered a link to Mt. Hope Cemetery where lots of his relatives are buried. There was a way to search for famous people who are buried there such as Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass as well as a list of the famous, but one can search for less famous folks too. I will be returning to the Rocwici. I have used Wikipedia for reference question information, but I had not explored other wikis until now. The Library Success: A best practices wiki was very useful. I found a number of sites that gave valuable information about search methods and deciding what resources to use in answering a reference question. This wiki will be most helpful in training new employees who work the information desk. When I visited the 2007 SCLA Annual Conference Wiki, I was pleased to find pictures of Dorchester Branch activities in the listing for locations that had Flickr accounts and I got to see Cynthia Bledsoe's trading card! I had just finished creating my own trading card and posting it on this blog. I did find that the free trading card does not offer editing options, so it took 3 attempts to get a trading card that did not cut off my head! I think that wikis are a useful tool for libraries and librarians as well.

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