Monday, October 22, 2007

Son of Tech Trek Playhouse! Quest 10

I visited all of the websites listed for this quest. The Twit Netcast Network would not perform on my work computer. I had lots of laughs on Unshelved and sent one of the strips to a couple of people. The Wayback Machine was fascinating. I read an old French fairy tale, Blondine and enjoyed looking at the illustrations for an old children's book, Abroad. Artpad was fun, but will require lots of practice for the uninitiated like me. I created an evite on Evite, but it would not send for some reason, I will try again. Slideroll will be so helpful in sending photos of family for genealogy! I can't wait to get a show together! Dogster and catster are for the real animal lovers and it is good that they have an outlet. 43 things was too much of a list for me and I regularly write lists--I guess I am too private to share my lists. I found lots of interesting sites on The Generator Blog--one particularly helpful was the Clutterdiet--tips on keeping down clutter--the bane of my existence! One sentence really does put one in the frame of Hemingway--short, brief prose.

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