Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fun with Flickr

Flickr will be the answer to my family's extensive digital photo collection. Since we have an award-winning amateur photogrpher here at Dorchester Road Branch, Flickr will also help us to organize our branch photos. We will probably have to upgrade to the professional status in order to create more than the miniumum number of sets (3) allowed. I find this a very useful tool and I plan to explore more of its features. I found Flickr to be very easy to use and I am excited about the possibilities that it affords!

Friday, September 21, 2007 and Technorati

In trying, I found the instructions easy to follow and I liked being able to organize and access favorite sites with a minimum of effort. I have both Firefox and Internet Explorer at home, so I will try at home as well. The information about Technorati was not as easy to follow and I did not particularly like the content of the site. I guess if you are an avid blogger, Techorati would keep you abreast of the very latest information. I don't have to know what everyone is thinking about everything. It is just too "dernier crie" for me!