Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Web-based Productivity Applications

The Zoho Writer is user friendly and set up very much like Word for Windows. So far, I have tried 30 boxes and made a to do list for today. Zoho planner seems to be intended more for appointment reminders and business purposes and it is not as user friendly in my opinion as 30 boxes. I looked at most of the Zoho sights and really liked the idea of collaborating as presented in the Zoho show section. The teenager who was away from home visiting family and had a deadline for a competition was able to get help from her Dad online using a web-based service like Zoho. I decided to try the post option and was able to send this blog entry from the Zoho Writer. Since I am a non-techie, this was quite an accomplisment for me! I look forward to trying more of the web-based productivity applications in the future.

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