Saturday, November 3, 2007

Quest 12: Part 2: Podcasting

I was able to attach a podcast from, but my office computer would not allow me to listen to it! I tried downloading the software on and the ActiveX software would not download. Whether or not a podcast works seems to be random at least on the computers at Dorchester. It was discouraging to download software to run the podcast and then it would not run. I did not find either or very user friendly. With, I was able to download software, but the podcast still would not run! I will keep trying to get a computer to run a podcast for me, so that I can have the experience.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Quest 12 - Media 2.0: Part 1: YouTube

I signed up for YouTube after viewing a couple of the travel videos/photo montages of Lyon, France where my daughter lives. I now have a very clear picture of the city and know a number of sites that I would like to see thanks to YouTube! I looked at the suggested items in the Tech Treks 2.0 resource information. I saw everything from Tydee Bowl and Maxwell House commercials to Lonelygirl15 clips. Under libraries, I viewed an informative video about the library closings in Oregon. I do have concern about copyright and how unregulated this seems to be. It is my understanding that anything can be posted, but if there is objection based on copyright, YouTube will pull it. I found that the Conference on Computers in Libraries had posted their 2007 InfoTubey Awards on YouTube, so I thought that was a very appropriate clip to post on my blog. I had difficulty getting it to embed directly and had to copy it first to a Word document and then paste it into the post as it would not copy the entire code from YouTube to the blog.

CIL2007: InfoTubey Awards