Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Social Networking Sites

I visited all of the recommended social networking sites. I found Bebo more tasteful than MySpace in its presentation and tone. On MySpace I decided to search under one of my hobbies, crochet. There were two sites with live videos that linked to websites: which had a concise clip of how to crochet a picot edging which would be very helpful for anyone learning to do that stitch; and which gave an interesting brief history of crochet, however the narrator consistently mispronounced the word "crochet" as "croquet"--somewhat disconcerting. When I visited the actual website it just linked you to many other crochet sites, mostly commercial in nature. I listened to one of the comedy routines, but found it rather amateur. In the music category, I listened to one very poor vocalist and a rather good group called Ween that played a song, la cucaracha as a drawn version of a cockroach skittered across the screen. I found that the profiles had more information than I wanted to know about the people in a public forum setting. Linkedin seemed to be a very useful site for making potential employment contacts or learning about the company staff prior to a job interview. I was interested in the profile of the Facebook engineer staff itself and the forward thinking approach they had to the technical aspects of the site.

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