Friday, August 24, 2007

Instant Messaging

IM was a new experience for me. I liked the immediacy and experimented with both the emotors and audio aspects that are in Yahoo. I had my share of technical glitches which seem to follow me like dirt follows Charles Schultz's character Pigpen! My office computer would not accept Yahoo IM, so I found a computer in the workroom that did accept it. Helen Walker and I had fun experimenting in IM with the audios. Other staff was treated to our laughter and exclaiming as we tried the sounds. I tried meebo today and it worked on the children's services computer, but again, Yahoo IM would not work! I wrote systems about the difficulty. Meebo seems less showy and I like the fact that I can use my pre-existing Yahoo IM information to sign in--it simplifies the prolifieration of passwords.

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